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General PC Solid Sheet

Product description:
98% layer co extruded UV, can absorb harmful ultraviolet rays; Cold bending performance is good, high insulation coefficient; strong impact resistance it has not broken glass in the world, cold resistance, heat resistance, good electrical insulation, thermal forming and processing performance: The transmission rate is up to 88%.

Product specification:
Standard thickness: 1.3-10mm
Standard width: 1 220mm 1 560mm 1 820mm 21 OOmm
Standard length: 30000mm / 50000mm
(can be customized according to engineering requirements)
Color: Transparency, Lake-blue, Opalescent, Blue, Grass-green, Brown

Main application:
Office buildings, department stores, hotels, villas, schools, hospitals, stadiums, entertainment centers and public facilities of highway, railway and city lighting ceiling overhead road noise barrier subway entrance, railway stations, shopping malls, parking lot, pavilions, lounges, corridors of the rain shed bank counters, jewelry store anti-theft anti- theft window,police riot shields, airport, factory safety lighting material advertising lamp box panel, billboard, decoration, curtain wall Home Furnishing office indoor interval, pedestrian path, fence, balcony, The sliding door of shower room instrument accessories, display screen and military industry, mechanical baffle.

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