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How to identify the quality of polycarbonate board

polycarbonate plate

Sun panels to polycarbonate as raw material to manufacture, but in recent years a number of manufacturers to meet the needs of the demolition of customers, producing a large number of recycled materials and modified materials, poor sun panels flooding the market, due to misleading dealers, making customers on the sun Board of true or false can not distinguish. Here to introduce the polycarbonate plate good or bad basic identification method:

1. Transparency:
Polycarbonate plate light transmission rate of up to 88% or more, the lower the transparency of its recovery material to add more, the quality of poor quality sun panels gray, light transmission is very poor, there are obvious impurities black spots.
2. Open the protective film to see the sun board:
No impurities, no particulate matter of the sun is a new raw material, on the contrary there is impurities in the foreign material is to add the recovery of materials, the more material added to the more impurities, the more poor the quality of the plate, the worse the physical and chemical properties.
3. Look at the thickness of the wall:
The thicker the thickness of the upper and lower walls, the more material, the higher the proportion, the cost is high, the quality of the plate is better, this method can be said to use the unit area of the sun plate weight method to calculate.
4. The bending radius of the sunboard:
Sunboard has a good toughness, the safety of its bending radius of 175 times more than its thickness; poor quality of the sun plate bending radius is small (upper and lower walls and the total thickness are thin), and the plate is very easy to brittle.
5. to see the sun plate flatness:
On the one hand, the equipment process is also better, if the plate there is a wave, it shows that the sun plate process is not yet mature or relatively thin wall up and down the wall is relatively thin, easy to use, The
6. Price:
The same size of the polycarbonate plate, if the price difference between different brands of sun panels is too large, then the low price of the sun will certainly be low (no business will lose money to do business), then the quality of the plate is very easy to problems The

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