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PC Prism Sheet

Product description:
PC lens surface of the special optical lens design, so that the light refraction repeatedly, without affecting the transparency of the plate, the astigmatism effect is good results. Beautiful rhombohedral pattern, decorative strong, and combined with the LED light source to achieve color.

Main application:
• Advertising light box
• LED lampshade
• Outdoor billboard
• Ceiling lighting, ceiling
• Partition, screen

Product features:
Light weight Weight is only 70% of the ordinary PC endurance board
Good astigmatism Special glass mirror structure, with diffusion agent,
astigmatism effect is more excellent
Good stereo effect Beautiful mirror pattern, three- dimensional effect is good,
decorative strong
Weather resistance
and UV resistance
The surface of the product has anti ultraviolet UV co
extruded layer, good weather resistance
Applicable temperature range Stable physical properties in the range of 40 to 120 DEG C
Easy to process and install Cold bending and hot bending, can be cut,
suitable for processing all kinds of shapes

Product specification:
Surface characteristics Sheet size Colour Transmittance% Oliver%
Single face pattern width: 2100mm
Custom length
thickness: 3- 6mm
Transparency 85% 86%
Diffuse white 75% 93%

Product performance index:
Linear expansion
(℃ )
Light transmittance
decreased in ten years
The yellowing index
within ten years.
7.5 x 10 -5 B- s2.d0,t1 5 6

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