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Polycarbonate Corrugated Sheet

Product description:
Light transmittance: Light transmittance of 85%, good light transmittance.
Weather resistance: The surface of UV resin can prevent the fatigue of resin caused by UV light. The surface has a good effect on the photosynthesis of the plant by the chemical bond of UV to absorb ultraviolet light and convert to visible light.
Impact resistance: The strength is 10 times of the ordinary glass, is the general wave tile's 3 to 5 times, is the toughened glass's 2 times, does not have the breakage risk.
Flame retardancy: According to the national GB8625 - 88 test, is a flame retardant B1 class, no fire drops, no gas.
Temperature resistance: In the temperature range from 40 DEG C to +120 DEG C, the product will not cause deterioration of the quality such as deformation
Portability: The utility model has the advantages of light weight, convenient transportation, drilling, cutting and installation, and is not easy to break.

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