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Triple Wall PC Hollow Sheet

Product description:
Kun Yan three- layer structure plate adopts the imported polycarbonate material manufacture, the cell structure integrate with mechanical and optical engineering structure and other factors, has the advantages of light weight, high strength, durable insulation, etc., which is the best choice in building materials. Compared with the same thickness of the PC sheet, the rib spacing of the three- layer is greater, PC sheet the transmittance of light, the better the sense of effect.

Product specification:

thickness(mm) bend radius(mm) regular size(mm) standing color
8 1400 length: 6000 Width: 2100

Mily White
Grass Green
Lake Blue
Milk White

10 1750
12 2100
16 2800
Description: Special specifications and colors can be customized according to requirements.

Product features:
More solid, rectangular internal distribution of planar structure, can improve the capacity of the material to bear the weight. The utility model has the advantages that the utility model has the advantages of larger span and more uniform lighting effect than the ordinary plate, not only the cost is saved, but also the design requirements of the building. More energy saving with torque type nterior design the air thermal conductivity is lower,with better insulation effect.

Main application:
• Industrial workshop, warehouse lighting roof
• Stadium lighting roof
• Swimming pool, greenhouse
• Residential and commercial lighting velarium
• Lighting materials of steel structure workshop
• Channel, parking shed
• Indoor partition
• Major projects lighting roof

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